When is a word not a word?

Here's something from one of my personal favourites. I honestly think Ali Smith is one of the cleverest authors writing today. Her way with words is, in my opinion, a work of art. What shines the most about Ali Smith is her craft. The storyline doesn't really matter so much. Though this storyline is in part about art. About a radical female artist. Which is a cherry on top of course.

But the cake, of which you should eat, is her manipulation of language. The thrill exists in how she uses the etymology of a word to change the meaning of a sentence. The romance is in the poetry that reveals itself to you like a lover in the prose that she writes. The horror is subjective, I suppose. Though from my perspective, like most things that are inflexible to creativity, punctuation is a rule that was made to be broken. The plot of the book? Of her other books? The plot is there, quiet and constant, allowing her art to shine through. Ali Smith is an artist. An author for lovers of writing.

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