Own Voices Kid's Lit

Here is super cool children's book that you can find under Japan on the new Read the World page on the website.

It's cool because, well as you can see it's a celebration of traditional Japanese art form, it incorporates Japanese words throughout, and of course it's Own Voices (there's an Own Voice Kid's Lit filter you can use on

But the coolest thing I think is that this book explores the wonder of learning about other cultures from the perspective of two non Anglo characters (although this book is an English translation). Most of the time, books about two people (children) meeting centre the experience of the white person learning about the other (PoC). Here the centring of the story is actually of the host family in Japan, sharing their culture with Brazillian exchange student, Alves. Often, stories told through the eyes of the 'visitor' can come across as an assumption or interpretation of the host culture. Here you get a really in-depth telling of Japanese culture, celebrated by a young Japanese girl proud to show her visitor around.

Also fun fact the author Terumasa Akio actually led global exchange programmes for many years, so there you go!

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