Never Let Me Go

Is this Kazou Ishiguru's best work?

I remember the first time I read Never Let Me Go. Years and years ago. In my grandparent's house. A very old house with slanty walls and wallpaper with lots and lots of tiny trees on it, so if you read late and your eyes got blurry, and the owls perched outside your window, you felt a little bit like you were outside. Reading this gave me so many full on heart in throat moments. You know those sobs that feel like their pushing up inside you like the bubbles trapped in a bottle of fizzy water after you've opened the lid slightly and quickly closed it again? I can still smell the wet leaves in that school yard and the injustice in the cottage. I watched the film too but it was never as moving as the book. That the memory exists is testament to the book I think, because there are many, many books I don't remember.

Anyway my point is that books have memories of their own too, and they can inspire memories in you. I didn't think about any of those memories until I saw this copy, and I'm so glad I did. What's cool about this book, is that it was originally purchased by someone in Japan. I find it so romantic thinking about the backstory of books. I wonder if someone read this in the snow, or under the cherry blossoms in the spring? Were they eating ramen in Tokyo and reading this book? This very English book?

What memories will this book have and give next?

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