How much of yourself do you sacrifice for love?

Yikes. Heavy. Heavy, but really, really real.

How many of us have made decisions which overwhelmingly benefit the person we love to stay in relationships?

In this awardwinning Australian novel a new mother follows her husband to Australia after he decides it's the best thing for them. In a nutshell.

The themes of this book centre on the mother and her sense of alienation. Not only from her geographical location and unfamiliarity of place, but also of her own identity as a new mother, and the emotional, physical, psychological rollercoaster that that brings. Novels like this are confronting, because we're still stuck in weird social expectations of new parents (particularly mothers) emerging as fully fledged (and totally extactic) experts who must accept the profound change in all facets of their life without question or complaint. I think this novel is also important because it responds to another weird societal norm (or maybe assumption) that people should give everything of themselves to love.

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