Girl, Woman, Other

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Love, love, loved it (did I mention that I loved it?). The storylines. The characters. The storylines. So many people attest to the beauty and genius of Bernardine Evaristo's storytelling. I am one of those people. I proclaim my love for her storytelling loudly from the highest tallest buildings.

But honestly you know, the writing. THE WRITING. The generous use of brackets (have you noticed I love a good bracket myself??), the brilliantly effective use of punctuation (including deliberately not using punctuation, which if you tune into any Facebook 'book groups' you'll know infuriates the Mills and Book Karen crowd no end and therefore fills me with double the amount of satisfaction).




Of her



A true genius of her craft, an author and a book that belong in the Canon of our age. Girl, Woman, Other ticks every box in the art of literature, prose, poetry, imagery, characterisation, storyline, scene setting and everything else that you could never just learn in a creative writing class because you have to be born an artist, writer with true talent to achieve anything close to Bernardine's work

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

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