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Have you purchased books from Bin Chicken Books that you’ve read, finished and loved? Maybe you want to make more room on your bookshelf, or want more people to have the opportunity to read the wonderful words that you did?

Why not take part in the Bin Chicken Book Exchange and keep fantastic literature circulating in a way which is accessible and sustainable!

How it works

  1. Send an email to with a photo of the book/s that you want to exchange. (Please remember that the books must have been previously purchased at Bin Chicken Books).

  2. Bin Chicken Books will respond to your email with the books that will be accepted as part of the exchange, and the total store credit value of your exchange.

  3. You post the books back to Bin Chicken Books – your postage will be covered for your next purchase.

  4. Send an email to with the tracking code and shipping confirmation.

  5. Once the shipping confirmation has been received you will be sent a code with the value of the exchange to deduct from your next purchase.


The formal bit

  • Only books which have been previously purchased at Bin Chicken Books will be considered for exchange.

  • Books exchanged must be in the same condition that they were purchased.

  • Exchanges will be accepted on a discretionary basis and will be based on condition of books and resale potential.

  • Exchanges will be valued at 1/3 of the original purchase price and will be return in the form of store credit only.

  • Your book exchange discount code must be redeemed within six months of receipt.

  • Bin Chicken Books reserves the right to refuse any exchange.


Have you got books you’d like to donate or sell? Please email to have a chat!

Please note the Bin Chicken Book Exchange is not presented in place of refunds and returns. Please read our Refund And Returns Policy here.

Image by Tamas Pap


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