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A book chook hatches a plan...

(DISCLAIMER: I like word play and brackets)

In the middle months of 2020 a Brissy book chook with an insatiable appetite for reading, writing and thrifting (that’s me, Sophia, HI!) did what many others did in that strange year, when 2020 vision meant the exact opposite of seeing what was coming ahead, and started a Bookstagram @thisbookwins.

I realised that I needed to find an environmentally (and economically) sustainable way to enjoy my passion for books with others, while maintaining my commitment to being consciously kind to the planet.

So I created a place where Aussie book lovers could find brilliant (Bookstagram quality) second hand books online. A space to keep collecting and consuming incredible literature, sustainably. To share the books Aussie readers love, so that they can continue to be reread and loved (again).

Why choose Bin Chicken Books?

Well because books have a pretty long shelf life!

And on these shelves you'll find books of quality, in both physical appearance and content. You'll find a constantly growing intentionally curated selection of diverse, intersectional adult and kids books from local and global authors and illustrators.

Bin Chicken Books uses 100% home compostable mailers so that you can be sure that it’s not just your new (old) books that are skipping the landfill.

So come! Join me book chooks. Stick your beak in and find your next treasure!

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Image by Alex Wigan

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